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About Strattix

Our Team

Early 2016, in the midst of a historic energy industry downturn, our founders set out to build a new kind of well lifecycle and project management system that would meet the demands of today's digital oilfield. The need was clear: a modern system that allows producers to manage projects along with the lifecycle of all company operated wellbores, facilities, pipelines and equipment in one system. And... make it work fully offline!

We built a team of industry veterans in Drilling, Completions, Asset Management, Field Training and Software Development. The combined knowledge of our experts is directly reflected in the Strattix system itself. This allows us to relate to our customers providing an unmatched level of technical service.

Our software development team consists of senior developers that have worked on complex SaaS projects across the globe. We pride ourselves in our ability to analyze business problems with the input of our customers and quickly turn around solutions that make a difference.

Core Values

"Continual engagement and iterative development is a recipe for customer satisfaction"

System Quality

We are committed to consistently maintaining a modern, intuitive platform for today's energy industry. We believe that system quality is driven by routine customer engagement.

Level of Service

As a true SaaS model, we promise to continually improve and provide enhancements daily. We speak field! We know what it's like to need service RFN. Reach us via text, call or email 365 days a year.


We are dedicated to offering the energy industry cutting edge solutions that solve each customer's unique problems.