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Strattix Reclamation & Site Closure

Get The Full Picture

Does the software you use to manage your reclamation program take into account all metrics that go into optimal site selection decisions? This can be a complex process involving production data, land data, regulatory data and operations reporting / project management systems. Strattix combines this information into one system to enable reclamation program managers to get the full cost vs. benefit picture for each site the company operates.

Information from our well and site lifecycle management modules flow to our site closure module in order to understand real time well/facility statuses and information related to each.

Reclamation Program Management

Select optimal sites and projects to activate into your yearly reclamation programs with integrated liability management features. Get the full picture of near-term and long term cost savings along with optimal liability reduction across your entire portfolio each year.

Strattix provides all the information reclamation program managers need to make informed decisions and optimize their programs.

Site Closure Project Management

Track the site closure process by phase across your entire program. Schedule, delegate, manage tasks, track budgets, reconcile invoices and capture field data while offline - all in one system.

How can Strattix help your business meet it's Reclamation Program goals?

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