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Strattix Well Lifecycle

Complete Well Lifecycle Management

Strattix provides an intuitive system that allows producers to manage the lifecycle of their well inventory in one place. Navigate by wellbore, pad/site or license number and manage all projects associated from initial drill to completions, well servicing and abandonment. Manage liability in real time as wellbore statuses are updated automatically as projects are completed.


The Strattix drilling module provides users with a comprehensive data capture and reporting system. We make data capture an efficient process by providing a daily checklist with sequential steps to make sure your field operators collect all necessary data for your daily reporting requirements. Automated morning reporting means the stakeholders that need real time reporting will get those reports on time every time!

One Click Reports

  • Daily Operations
  • Detailed Cost and Rentals
  • Downhole Schematic
  • Drilling Fluid Usage
  • AFE Cost Reporting
  • Work Order Management
  • Cement, BHA, and Drilling Fluid Summaries
  • Material Transfers
  • Well Plan and Surveys as Drilled
  • Program Management


The Strattix completions system provides web based capture for all completion operations. Our easy to use interface allows for quick project setup, import of data from frac providers and one click reporting. Analyze performance over multiple projects using built in Strattix analytics to provide lookback analysis over multiple projects.

Completions System Features

  • Frac Stage Capture and Import
  • Detailed Perforation Tracking
  • Well Fluid Tracking
  • Water Source, Volume Tracking and TDL Reporting
  • Screenout Info
  • Coil Operations
  • Tubing, Rods and Pumps
  • Cost Capture and Invoice Reconciliation
  • Work Order Management
  • Wellhead
  • Vent Flow Testing
  • Program Management

Well Servicing and Abandonment

Know what's in the hole at all times. Strattix allows wellbore info to carry over from the previous downhole projects to provide your field consultants with the correct information they need to get the project started and reduce data entry time. Users can leverage all the features of our completions module plus abandonment and suspension specific reporting.

How can Strattix help your business meet it's Well Lifecycle goals?

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