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Strattix Site Lifecycle

Complete Site Lifecycle Management

Do you find that you have multiple systems for various stages of your site lifecycle management? Is it causing a data disconnect between departments and personnel? Strattix provides the opportunity for producers to manage their entire site lifecycle in one system. Understanding all aspects of a site including what facilities, wellbores, pipeline risers and equipment reside on all sites is a key component to our system. This allows for project management and liability to be managed in real time, in one system.

Information from our well lifecycle management module flows into our site module in order to understand real time well statuses and information related to each well.

Construction & Maintenance

Capture data and project manage lease and road construction along with maintenance projects.

Construction Management Features

  • Daily Operations & Reports
  • Detailed Cost and Rental Tracking
  • Site Schematic
  • AFE / Cost Center Reporting
  • Material Transfers
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Personnel and Man Hour Tracking
  • HSE Tracking
  • Program Management and Job Scheduling

The site lifecycle begins with scout & survey and construction. With Strattix, you can view all current and historical projects related to each site in once place.


Pipeline & Facilities

Manage facility licenses, construction, maintenance and decommissioning in one place. Capture pipeline licenses, risers and tie-ins and associated pipeline project management in order to provide management of pipeline assets across your portfolio.

Pipeline and Facility Features

  • Pipeline and Facility Licenses
  • Construction, Maintenance, Inspection and Decommissioning
  • Project Management and Scheduling
  • Detailed Cost Tracking and Invoice Reconciliation
  • Personnel and Man Hours
  • HSE Tracking
  • AFE/Cost Center Management
  • Integrated Mapping

Track pipeline and facility decommissioning/maintenance programs to obtain real time program spend status and scheduled completion dates.

Site Closure

Strattix provides detailed site closure tracking and program management capabilities. Click below for more information on Strattix Site Closure Management

Site Closure


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